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Look Out for Exynos Chispets in 2021! Coming to Chinese Smartphones Near you!

 So far, we have all used at some point or the other a Samsung phone and have always seen either performance issues or heating issues or in some cases blasting ones. And Samsung puts a lot of R&D into manufacturing these chipsets but somehow doesn't show up on the quality marks. In 2020, the differences have come out even more glaringly compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon series.  Many users especially in the Asian countries unfortunately don't have the choice to choose between Exynos and Snapdragon ones and have to settle for the lower performing one for the same price! That may sound ridiculous but that's how Samsung has been playing so far. Not to forget it's a common practice among other smartphone manufacturers too.  Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users complain of heating, battery life and more But, looks like Samsung has finally listened to its customer's woes and has done something to fix it. It's planning to launch the Exynos 2100. Yes, 2100! Not 1000 as