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Beware of this SCAM loaded with 5 star Reviews

 Off late, there have been many groups across the globe who are targeting new tech by claiming them to be harmful to humans/animals/environment. One can argue the glaring hypocrisy in those allegations, but let's just give them benefit of doubt and check basic things an 8th grader would know too! One of the most popular claims are those of "ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIO FREQUENCY SKIN PIERCING ULTRAHIGH BANDWIDTH SUPER NOVA" radiations emitted by electronic items ,especially the mobile phones. (Hope you get the sarcasm intended, if not well read ahead) There's a bit of science involved for sure in the radiations emitted and they are in the range 1000 times lesser than the microwave region.  The Technical Stuff The typical microwave region is in the order of 1000 GHz , but the radio waves being used in smartphone or wifi or in general electronics is less than 100 GHz. Even 5G frequency lies max at 60 GHz (mmWave) and most of the remaining 5G and earlier generations lie less th