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Can Nokia Get Back in the Game with Nokia 9.3 PureView 2020?

Nokia was a market leader back in the early 2010's and soon started to fizz out of the market when it decided to lean towards Microsoft's Windows instead of Google's Android. People talk about this grave business blunder even today and discussed as a case study under "things not to do when you are a market leader". Unfortunate as it may be for Nokia, they have heavily downsized their workforce since then and even sold their brand rights to HMD Global which now sells smartphones under the brand name of "Nokia". If you are one of those people who owned a Nokia phone (not a smartphone) , your brain would instantly trigger an audio of the Nokia ringtone. Now, Nokia may have tried to make its way back in the smartphone business but has been heavily lagging as compared to its competitors. Main reason being the funding and out of trend specs for hefty price. They have introduced the 3 series, 5 series, 8 series and even the flagship 9 series of smartpho

This Guy Built an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) from Scrap Bike parts for The Specially Abled

We have all seen people getting creative with scrap parts and rigging them together to produce something productive. It's always interesting to see the creativity take shape over time and be helpful to the needy. Normally known for tearing things apart, Jerry from the very popular youtube channel - JerryRigEverything , recently uploaded a video on his channel showcasing something out of the usual videos he posts regularly. He and his wife have built together a Four Wheeler All Terrain Vehicle for the physically disabled so that they can go to places which are usually difficult to scale in a wheelchair.  Jerry was very specific to the name of this easily accessible vehicle he had constructed over the past one year as " Not a Wheelchair " and it definitely lives up to the name. He mentions that he has basically conjoined two bikes into one with wheels that can sustain all kinds of challenges thrown at them. Though he mentions that they named this invent

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaked Images and Rumors Roundup

Samsung Galaxy Fold was a one of kind 1st generation Foldable phone that was introduced by Samsung last year and took a while before it hit markets with limited demand. They have been working on bettering the product and this year we have got our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Samsung Galaxy Fold  was a one of kind 1st generation Foldable phone that was introduced by Samsung last year and took a while before it hit markets with limited demand. They have been working on bettering the product and this year we have got our first look at the  Samsung Galaxy Fold 2  Courtsey : This image was leaked by the famous tipster who has been known for reliable leaks so far - IceUniverse on twitter. This is just the fully opened view of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 , but straight away you would notice the water drop notch on the right hand side instead of the big notch in the predecessor Samsung Galaxy Fold. The bezels seems to remain the same mor

What is Wi-Fi 6 and How to get one for yourself ? Does your Phone/Router Have Wi-Fi 6 ?

5 Point Strategy of the BBK Trio - Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus

Indian Smartphones Companies Micromax,Lava,Karbonn ramp up operations? Hit or Miss ?

Best Non Chinese Alternative Smartphones in Every Price Range Ever

Sony Xperia 1 II - the Lazarus of Smartphones

Well, well, well... Look who's back on the Street ! He's tall ..he's strong..he's Loaded ! That's exactly what the Xperia 1 II is all about ! Sony can well be termed as the "Lazarus"  for coming back from the dead - quite literally. It was standing against all the odds with likes of Samsung, Apple, One Plus in Premium and Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei in the Mid Segments, Sony had no where to land and with this particular model they have reaffirmed their faith in their Premium segment and its definitely Working ! I know the naming is weird (seriously who names their product "one" "two" ) Check out their official Video: Credits : Sony Youtube Channel Credits : NDTV Mind you , this is the first smartphone with a 21:9 4K HDR OLED 6.5" Display with 90 Hz Refresh Rate - let that sink in. Sony has used its experience in its Television Display tech and dropped it straight up on the Xperia 1 II. With the notch nicely hid

Top 5 Best Android Performance Smartphones in the World April 2020

Smartphones have been raking in high performance features in the last couple of years and the use of AI,Machine Learning has increased manifold. Lot of research has been promoted to actual working hardware blocks on the silicon within a span of just 2 years. Social Media and Gaming Apps have been the primary use cases that are pushing the CPU processing to its edge. The Neural Processing Engines are gradually gaining top priority in deciding a smartphones performance as the CPU clocks are getting saturated. As more and more RAM memory footprint is increased, the number of applications that can be multi tasked has increased dramatically. Based on all these features like the CPU,GPU,Memory,AI Processing and User Interaction the Antutu benchmarks keep updating the ranks for some of the bleeding edge flagship smartphones. Here's the list for the top 5 Smartphones with best Performance with Android OS : 1. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro  and Mi 10 : This may come as shock to most people se

Apple Mac Book to ditch the sluggish Intel for Good ?

There was a time when Computers/Laptops would be just assumed to have been based out of one entity and no one would even bother to look other way - it was none other than the semiconductor giant "Intel" (I know the tun.. tun tun.. tuun sound just popped into your head the moment I said "Intel")  But, over the years the "giant" status has been challenged by its competitors ARM , Qualcomm , AMD , NVIDIA and others. It has only gone on to harm the market share for Intel.  One of the major drawbacks as seen by most analysts is that Intel's foundry was somehow not able to keep up with the latest technological trends. Intel's own design and foundry were the primary reasons it was able to pull of such huge margins. TSMC,Samsung,Global Foundries and many other third party foundries have been able to invest heavily in R&D and have made leaps of advancement in downsizing the node. Currently, the "5nm" node is gearing up for shipment

How do Smartphone Manufacturers Fool you ?

If you are one of those people who waits eagerly for new flagship every year , this is going to be rather enlightening article altogether. Like most of you I used to keep tracking latest updates on the flagships being released in the near future and the leaks and rumors would help maintain the excitement. While all that is fun , there are few things that Smartphone manufacturers have been doing for the past couple of years that is just plain marketing strategy and hardly has merit. This is how they are deceiving us : 1. Highly Exaggerated Unnecessary Features : 2019 was a year of 64 MP cameras with its final quarter being about creating hype about the 108MP camera sensors. Has anyone thought of why is this feature even necessary ? Sure you get tons of pixels jam packed on a 6inch display but will you be really using it on daily basis ? There are so many videos that show the affect of these huge resolutions, if you observe they zoom in like 5-10x to see the difference made. In

Why is it not Easy to Move Electronic Manufacturing from China?

credits: Republic India News Channel There has been a growing sentiment of going against China due to the ongoing pandemic situation all over the world. It's moving from being just a sentiment to actually inflicting economic attacks on the largest populated country in the world. Major companies like Samsung , Apple , KIA Motors , etc are trying to shift their supply chains from China to countries like India, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam . It's just not easy to shift massive legacy stable supply chain in a jiffy ! Here are some of the top 3 Reasons :  1. Cost and Setup : China provides a large area of its land for manufacturing and along with that provides cheap labor. Whichever industry you pick up the bare metal parts are manufactured in China and the costs involved in manufacturing have already offset the R&D costs which is the primary target for any company,  credits-Global Times 2. Well Established Supply Chain : Due to its decades of experience

Why does Android Copy Apple ?

There's a war out there .. a fierce one ..and there's no definitive way to decide the winner ..both are tough competitors .. it's getting scarier by the day ...I think I will end with that build up as I am pretty sure you got the drift - the Android vs iOS War! When the first iPhone had released with this futuristic design and software, I was an instant fan. Granted that I was just a naive teenager at that time , over the years I have gathered enough to make the right decision which is - Neither of them is perfect...Just kidding Android all the way! But there's one thing I have always observed is be it any kind of ridiculous feature and however it may be criticized Apple used to come up with it and make truck load of profit off it hands down! They were bold and courageous enough to take the risk and also excel at it. The Android counter parts which initially would mock it , eventually would launch a cheaper phone with similar feature.  source:cnet,pocket-lint