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HDR 10+ is Serious Threat to Dolby Vision!

All that we hear nowadays is more and more of tech jargon that only add to the pile of existing non user friendly list. New addition to this list is the HDR10+ certification that is mainly a content viewing related certification. These certifications are just proofs that the content you view on your TV, Mobile, Tablet or any device meets certain quality. How many of you remember the last time you visited a theater and have seen the Dolby Vision or Dolby Audio Advert ? Dolby vision is one example of such certification. Basically, they provide means to the " content creators " ,a control of how they want their viewers to see their content. For quite some time, Dolby has been able to capture the attention of many of the theaters or streaming services like Netflix and Amazon and some of the smartphone manufacturers to support their product. The issue is the Royalties ! Yes, Dolby issues licenses to companies to use their standards and also provides assistance to them in set

Why The Google Pixel 4A Could be A huge Disappointment ? Sorry Android Fans

Google has discontinued the Pixel 3 A and the Pixel 3 A XL  today and it could be indicative of what's coming next. Such moves by companies are typically made when the company wants the consumers to focus on the incoming new product and also not have an option to choose with. It could also mean that company could temporarily discontinue the product and then reintroduce it with a lesser price, so as to keep the sales for the current product going and also for the new product for consumers who want to upgrade. The new incoming product could very well be the Pixel 4A which has long rumored to be in the making soon after the launch of the Pixel 4. After the lukewarm response Google got for the Pixel 4, it had to make changes in its strategy to account for the sales blip expected from the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. The Google Pixel 4 A is expected to be powered by an Octa Core ARM Processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal ROM . Now, there's a lot of confusion about the pr

Why Nokia and Ericsson could be the Real 5G Winners ?

                                      Courtsey - the mobileindian The U.S. has made it clear that it's not going to entertain any loopholes in the Huawei blacklisting ordinance that was passed earlier this year. In fact, they have gone to the lengths of convincing other countries to cut contacts with them whatsoever. Basically, trying to corner Huawei in every way possible. This entire saga started when the U.S.A Government officials arrested daughter of C.E.O of Huawei - Men Wanzhou ( Yeah a lady with name of "Men" :P) for fraud in alleged violations of Iran sanctions. She's one of the most powerful identities in the Huawei business not just as the daughter of the CEO but also is responsible for many financial decisions taken by her father. So, you can imagine the impact it had when she got arrested. Huawei is one of the largest companies in the world - so much so that their headquarters is like an entire city which requires a train to commute within it. And a

5 Point Strategy of the BBK Trio - Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus

Apple Mac Book to ditch the sluggish Intel for Good ?

There was a time when Computers/Laptops would be just assumed to have been based out of one entity and no one would even bother to look other way - it was none other than the semiconductor giant "Intel" (I know the tun.. tun tun.. tuun sound just popped into your head the moment I said "Intel")  But, over the years the "giant" status has been challenged by its competitors ARM , Qualcomm , AMD , NVIDIA and others. It has only gone on to harm the market share for Intel.  One of the major drawbacks as seen by most analysts is that Intel's foundry was somehow not able to keep up with the latest technological trends. Intel's own design and foundry were the primary reasons it was able to pull of such huge margins. TSMC,Samsung,Global Foundries and many other third party foundries have been able to invest heavily in R&D and have made leaps of advancement in downsizing the node. Currently, the "5nm" node is gearing up for shipment