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Apple is Entering the Car Market by 2024!

  Yes you read it right! Apple is entering the automotive market with its self driving technology and innovative battery solutions. Well, it was about time that they branched out to other sectors as the consumer electronics business was getting saturated. Except for 5G and few other minor innovations in display,camera and battery there's really not much of a technological advancement that can be seen in the near future. That's one of the reasons why smartphone chip companies have gradually started to move to automotive industry - the industry that has been seriously lacking innovation for over a decade .  In the last couple of years, we have seen Tesla pick up and revolutionize the automotive industry as if it was the lone company that had the vision to do so. At a time when competitors were lacking motivation, Tesla just disrupted the market with its self driving electric vehicles. And now they are the market leaders and every other car maker is following the suite. This is t

Look Out for Exynos Chispets in 2021! Coming to Chinese Smartphones Near you!

 So far, we have all used at some point or the other a Samsung phone and have always seen either performance issues or heating issues or in some cases blasting ones. And Samsung puts a lot of R&D into manufacturing these chipsets but somehow doesn't show up on the quality marks. In 2020, the differences have come out even more glaringly compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon series.  Many users especially in the Asian countries unfortunately don't have the choice to choose between Exynos and Snapdragon ones and have to settle for the lower performing one for the same price! That may sound ridiculous but that's how Samsung has been playing so far. Not to forget it's a common practice among other smartphone manufacturers too.  Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users complain of heating, battery life and more But, looks like Samsung has finally listened to its customer's woes and has done something to fix it. It's planning to launch the Exynos 2100. Yes, 2100! Not 1000 as

Poco X3 NFC - A Flagship Experience at Budget Price ?

  While you would have been overwhelmed by the number of product launches that have happened in the last two months. And one might even wonder what is actually the difference between each of these ? I mean is it really necessary to launch so many products in succession now the lockdown is easing out globally ? Well, they have put investment and they need the returns now. Anyway, Poco X3 "NFC" was launched this week with brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor which offers 15% higher performance in CPU and Gaming over the Snapdragon 730G (Gaming is awesome btw)!. If you're wondering if NFC stands for something other than the already known "NFC" (Near Field Communication btw) then let me stop you right there - It's NOT!  It's just they probably ran out of names - "pro", "ultra", "lite","max" and what not. NFC has been there like for a decade now. The phone that I purchased during my college had NFC and that

Realme 7 Pro Announced at Budget Price | Best Budget Phone of 2020 ?

 Realme has announced their new 7 series lineup and is available for order on flipkart exclusively. Today we are reviewing the Realme 7 Pro phone. The biggest feature on the 7 Pro is the 65W Superfast Dart Charging that's available on very few phones so far and could soon become a norm by the end of the year. It has a battery capacity of 4500 Mah which is pretty decent to last longer than a day on daily usage basis. The 65W charger claims to charge from 0 to 100% in 34 Minutes! That's actually super fast. Personally speaking, not a big fan of these "Super" Fast chargers which wear off the batteries quickly , but man is that quick!  Credits: GSMArena Coming to the hardware, it is powered by a relatively older processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G . The 720 G is pretty good but at this point of time, the Snapdragon 765G is doing the round in most mid premium , so atleast a 730G would have made more sense. Then again the pricing for the 7 Pro balances the performance to c

What is 6G and What can we expect to see in the future ?

Qualcomm Quick Charge Version 5.0 is Here and It has taken Fast Charging to Next Level!

It's been quite some time since Qualcomm has shared an upgrade to it's Quick Charge technology 4.0. More and more vendors are looking for getting the huge batteries pumped up as quickly as possible. With technologies like 5G, 120Hz refresh rate, High GPU Clocking, it's only logical that the power gets siphoned out quickly and that's the reason for high battery capacity. High battery capacity leads to the next issue which is time taken to charge the battery. That's where the Qualcomm Quick Charge Solution comes into action.  As you can see the Quick Charge 4.0 was upto 2.5 times faster than the regular charging speeds while the Quick Charge 5.0 could speed it up to 10 times the regular charging speeds. This opens up gateways to get the 100 W of power blazing through those charging cables.  The Tech Behind It ? It's essentially shifting some of the heat to the chargers wherein the voltage can be delivered to 2 cells instead of 1 at the device. The current voltage

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Release Date Confirmed by Samsung | Leaked Images | Tech Freak

In a short video teaser, Samsung has officially confirmed the launch of its most coveted Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on August 5th : The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is said to come up with sleek design and refreshingly new color of Bronze as teased in the video  . Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is said to pack the flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with quad camera setup as seen on the S20. But, the difference would however be in the sensors used. It's said to pack 64MP primary camera along with unconfirmed 12MP ultra wide and 12MP telephoto sensors. Also, if you notice the camera bump is slightly lesser as compared to S20 which would imply that the 100X zoom would not be likely included as feature. The aperture however looks to have improved manifold and the camera setup also has a 3D Time of Flight Sensor (ToF) These are the leaked images by popular tipster iceuniverse from twitter The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is also said to have 120 Hz refresh rate display wit