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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs OnePlus 8T - Ultimate Spec Face OFF

Samsung Has Launched A Disappointing Flagship Again - Galaxy S20FE!


OnePlus 8T and OnePlus BudZ Launch Date Tipped !


The Bitter Truth of Benchmark Scores !

  It's the golden age of smartphones and the consumers are becoming "smart" when purchasing one. One of the parameters that the younger generation looks out for is the benchmark scores of a smartphone. This article isn't just another one which just compares the scores of different smartphones. I mean common, people can read numbers, can't they ? Benchmarks are used to compare the performance of a phone with respect to its competitors. Higher numbers mean better performance. But, have you wondered how are these benchmark scores calculated ? What all stuff do they run during this benchmark process ? Does it really give useful information about the phone as such ? today, we will try to answer these questions in the simplest way possible.  Benchmark scores are numbers that represent the performance of a smartphone based on various metrics. The metrics that are considered generally by most tech reviewers and consumers is the Single Core CPU and Multi Core CPU performa

OnePlust 8T/OnePlus 8T Pro What to Expect and Launch Date ?