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Best Deals on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020!

  Amazon Great Indian Festival extravaganza is back online on 17th October,2020. As always Prime Members get early access to it which is 16th October, 2020. There are loads of deals on Electronics items and as it's the start of Dusshera , the Indian crowd would be waiting for the deals to go online and do some festive shopping on the auspicious occasion. Not to forget, the soon Diwali sale would also be incoming in not more than few weeks after Dusshera this year. So, October and November really are going to BIG Billion Sales for e commerce sites! Let's see the best deals you can get on Amazon :  Samsung Galaxy S10 :  The 2019 flagship Galaxy S10 powered by the Exynos 980 chipset is going on sale for astounding price of Rs. 39,999. The original MRP of this amazing phone was Rs.71,000. The flagship phone is still one of the top performing phones in 2020, and ranks much higher than most mid premium phones by powered by Snapdragon 700 series chipsets. The S10 also boasts of amazi

HDR 10+ is Serious Threat to Dolby Vision!

All that we hear nowadays is more and more of tech jargon that only add to the pile of existing non user friendly list. New addition to this list is the HDR10+ certification that is mainly a content viewing related certification. These certifications are just proofs that the content you view on your TV, Mobile, Tablet or any device meets certain quality. How many of you remember the last time you visited a theater and have seen the Dolby Vision or Dolby Audio Advert ? Dolby vision is one example of such certification. Basically, they provide means to the " content creators " ,a control of how they want their viewers to see their content. For quite some time, Dolby has been able to capture the attention of many of the theaters or streaming services like Netflix and Amazon and some of the smartphone manufacturers to support their product. The issue is the Royalties ! Yes, Dolby issues licenses to companies to use their standards and also provides assistance to them in set

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Why is no One Talking about the Super Fast LPDDR5 RAM ?

In the world obsessed over the Camera, Performance, Battery life , blah blah of a smartphone, most of the "elite" tech reviewers have terribly missed out on the massive revolutionary feature that has been introduced this year in 2020. It's a widely accepted fact that the RAM decides heavily the performance of the CPU no matter how many "Gigahertz" it's able to clock. Yes, I am talking about the new Low Power Dual Data Rate RAM - LPDDR5 ( I bet most of you didn't know the abbreviation :P )  To understand why I am stressing so much on the "RAM" part , let's see through an analogy. Imagine the CPU to be really fast 100 lanes highway and the RAM to be a 10 lanes bridge at the end of the highway. Now, you can zoom past the highway with 300 MPH and reach the bridge as fast as you can but you would be slowed down by the 10 lanes bridge. Now, add a dozen more of this CPU's all converging to this one bridge. That's like 1200 bus la

X Ray Camera on OnePlus 8 Pro ?

There's been a lot of buzz regarding a particular type of filter which when used can see through some objects and it was none other than the flagship One Plus 8 Pro . Check out the video below which proves the same : Credits : Unbox Therapy Youtube Channel As it turns out it's not exactly "X Ray" Cameras that the Oneplus 8 Pro loads , but commonly used infra red sensors. There's a new IR Filter option in the Camera App of One Plus 8 Pro that turns on this feature/fault. If you do have a OnePlus 8 Pro , try the " Coloration" Filter and point the camera towards any plastic object like in the video.  With most smartphones packing 4-6 cameras on a single chassis , one of the module is prominently used for depth sensing. The IR (Infra Red) camera sensor is precisely used for the same. This feature though looks cool and right out of a scifi movie does raise questions of Privacy. Sony had faced the flak for similar feature in the 1990's in a Camc

Why does Android Copy Apple ?

There's a war out there .. a fierce one ..and there's no definitive way to decide the winner ..both are tough competitors .. it's getting scarier by the day ...I think I will end with that build up as I am pretty sure you got the drift - the Android vs iOS War! When the first iPhone had released with this futuristic design and software, I was an instant fan. Granted that I was just a naive teenager at that time , over the years I have gathered enough to make the right decision which is - Neither of them is perfect...Just kidding Android all the way! But there's one thing I have always observed is be it any kind of ridiculous feature and however it may be criticized Apple used to come up with it and make truck load of profit off it hands down! They were bold and courageous enough to take the risk and also excel at it. The Android counter parts which initially would mock it , eventually would launch a cheaper phone with similar feature.  source:cnet,pocket-lint