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Apple Silicon Based Macs - The Real Problem!

  Apple has completely made up for the complete lack of media coverage in the last 6 months within just last 2 months! October and November has been filled with iPhone 12 and related accessories buzz and people can't get enough of it! Just yesterday in Apple's " One More Thing" Event , we got a glimpse of the Apple Silicon "M1" made for the Mac series of Laptops and Desktop (computers) . Apple has pushed forward huge claims mostly taking an indirect jibe at Intel for its power hungry processors. Apple Silicon M1 is coming to Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Mini ! They claim the performance per Watt to be 2x more than "best selling windows" laptop which makes you wonder which one is it ? In the entire presentation, the performance and efficiency numbers were just thrown on to the slides very vaguely which basically said our processors are better than ... some competitor who we cannot name ! (probably voldemort ?!)  Anyways, the good news is tha

How fast is your memory?

              T he title did just get you thinking about some memory test,right? Well, it is except it is your laptop or desktop PC's memory I am talking about. While laptops are easily the preferred choice everywhere, desktop PCs are still in use at large amount of places.Yes, people still use desktop PCs! Silly, isn't it? So, how often have you wondered as to why is your laptop so bulky or why does it get heated up so fast? Probably you must have thought ..Man, the Mac Book Air is pretty slim! How did they actually make it so slim and light weight?? ..Well, as they say there's science behind everything. I am not going to bore you with the science related stuff behind memories,but shall definitely try to show which one should you prefer and why.         So, let's start with a laptop you own right now. Did you notice a thing called HDD in your laptop specs while buying it? If you did notice you might have as well skipped the part where you actually knew how would