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Samsung Has Launched A Disappointing Flagship Again - Galaxy S20FE!


Wireless Charging and High Resolution Camera are almost Decade old Technology ! And Nokia did it first

Wireless Charging or "Qi" Supported Charging (pronounced as Chi) which has been doing the rounds across flagships since 2019, was in fact existing much earlier than you would have expected! That's right smartphone manufacturers are ripping you off! Just kidding. Well, they aren't completely ripping you off because the tech was available in 2012 but not yet perfected. If we are going to talk about 2012 , that's quiescent point in Nokia's history as most of you might now. It was the last year when Nokia was still a market leader in the mobile phones category. Before, handing over the reigns with almost no fight to Apple or Samsung ,they had unveiled a series of products that were easily 3-4 years ahead of the time and it's a shame that they had to drop out of the race at that time. One of the dope tech that was unveiled was the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 with Wireless Charging Capabilities that conformed with Qi standards.These were

Don't think about Buying Tablet in 2020! They are going to be Dead!

Remember the time when the "mobile" phones were not "smart" yet and had this really compact form factor with durability such that they can only be destroyed by some natural calamity ? Yep, those times were not far from today ..just a decade ago and we didn't have to think about the phone falling off a cliff, or catching fire or trampled under a car or drowned into a sea! Then there was this highly delicate and expensive loner phone called the "iPhone" which required such extreme care, for you wouldn't be able to afford its maintenance! This phone was one of the first ones to start a trend of increasing the display size over the year and that led to hilarious memes as below Being mocked by their competition only strengthened their move and Apple went onto release the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Max Pro (whatever!) which was 6.5 inch long and was close enough to the prediction in the memes. This time it wasn't getting mocked but was

Behold the iPhone 12

There have been long talks and rumors about the Apple flagship of 2020-iPhone12 . This year Apple may release four models of iPhone - iPhone 12,iPhone 12 Max,iPhone 12 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro Max . The base model iPhone 12 is rumored to start from $699 and the top end model iPhone 12 Pro Max to be $1199. Here's a concept video of the iPhone 12 : Credits-Concept Creator Youtube Channel As you can see, the first thing you would notice is the reduced Notch ( Finally!)  The thin bezels and reduced display size which makes it comfortable to hold! All the iPhone 12 models will see a massive high performance upgrade in CPU with A14 Bionic Chip . In camera department, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro would be dazzling with 2 cameras while 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be 3 cameras and the distinguishing LiDar camera only on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you think you have heard "LiDar"  before you wouldn't be wrong because it was one of the Top Features in this year'