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How to Pair Huawei Watch GT2 with Any Headphones within 1 min - the Perfect Hack

The Smartwatch and wearables industry has seen the biggest spike in 2019-2020 time frame. Starting off with Apple Airpods to may other brands trying to mimic the design and provide low cost alternatives the users have graciously welcomed each and every product in the line. There is a fan base for the neckband type, another base for the "TWS" (Truly Wireless) Earbuds and there's altogether separate base for the Wireless Headphones category. Then we saw an upsurge in the health monitoring wearable devices which was popularized by Fitbit and then in the last couple of years by Apple and Xiaomi. The current market has many players and there's no clear winner in terms of market share for the smartwatches / health monitoring wearables. Huawei has somehow missed the train and joined in late for the party. But as they say in Hindi - " Der aaye Durust Aaye .. "  which means - Came in Later But in a mint condition .. Huawei launched its first smartwatch the

Pump up the Bass will ya!

            Yeah! Pump up the bass! Sounds pretty partying mood types,right? The timing couldn't be more perfect...New Year's round the corner, Christmas just got over... So, I guess this is one phrase you are pretty much familiar with! Music ..the one thing which no one cannot not love! It is the one of those things which is so versatile that you can listen to no matter the time. I know ..I know...right now some song must be playing in the background...inside your head...Go on ..listen to it! Don't stop yourself.!   Ok, I hope you must be playing the music in the background and still reading this article! See, that's the power of music-Instant rejuvenation. You agree ,right? If you don't well, then ....change the track! I am no musician, but I think I pretty much a need a dose of music almost everyday. By now, you must be wondering ..Ok,dude what's your point? My point is how do you listen to music...Speakers... Headphones ... Earphones ..right? Why don