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Why are All Tech Giants working on Hologram or 3D?

 In a world, where we have somehow sped through adopting video conferencing as the default way of communication, it is only logical to think about what happens next! In the last one year alone we have seen the rise of Zoom video calling to Microsoft Teams to Google Hangouts etc pickup the pace and cater to the exploding consumer demand. Up until 2020, all this stuff was planned for some where around 2022 when the mass public was equipped to make best use of these services. Believe it or not, in times of crises the general public is super fast in adopting to new technologies. It's sort of mass adrenaline pump through in a very short period of time. In this post today, we will explore what are the new age tech that will be a thing of normal 5 years or 10 years from now.  What has triggered this 3D Revolution ? In the recent Google I/O there was a brief video that was played that showcased a project they were working on and it went something like this :  You see what they are aiming

Why Nokia and Ericsson could be the Real 5G Winners ?

                                      Courtsey - the mobileindian The U.S. has made it clear that it's not going to entertain any loopholes in the Huawei blacklisting ordinance that was passed earlier this year. In fact, they have gone to the lengths of convincing other countries to cut contacts with them whatsoever. Basically, trying to corner Huawei in every way possible. This entire saga started when the U.S.A Government officials arrested daughter of C.E.O of Huawei - Men Wanzhou ( Yeah a lady with name of "Men" :P) for fraud in alleged violations of Iran sanctions. She's one of the most powerful identities in the Huawei business not just as the daughter of the CEO but also is responsible for many financial decisions taken by her father. So, you can imagine the impact it had when she got arrested. Huawei is one of the largest companies in the world - so much so that their headquarters is like an entire city which requires a train to commute within it. And a

Sony Xperia 1 II - the Lazarus of Smartphones

Well, well, well... Look who's back on the Street ! He's tall ..he's strong..he's Loaded ! That's exactly what the Xperia 1 II is all about ! Sony can well be termed as the "Lazarus"  for coming back from the dead - quite literally. It was standing against all the odds with likes of Samsung, Apple, One Plus in Premium and Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei in the Mid Segments, Sony had no where to land and with this particular model they have reaffirmed their faith in their Premium segment and its definitely Working ! I know the naming is weird (seriously who names their product "one" "two" ) Check out their official Video: Credits : Sony Youtube Channel Credits : NDTV Mind you , this is the first smartphone with a 21:9 4K HDR OLED 6.5" Display with 90 Hz Refresh Rate - let that sink in. Sony has used its experience in its Television Display tech and dropped it straight up on the Xperia 1 II. With the notch nicely hid

Why does Android Copy Apple ?

There's a war out there .. a fierce one ..and there's no definitive way to decide the winner ..both are tough competitors .. it's getting scarier by the day ...I think I will end with that build up as I am pretty sure you got the drift - the Android vs iOS War! When the first iPhone had released with this futuristic design and software, I was an instant fan. Granted that I was just a naive teenager at that time , over the years I have gathered enough to make the right decision which is - Neither of them is perfect...Just kidding Android all the way! But there's one thing I have always observed is be it any kind of ridiculous feature and however it may be criticized Apple used to come up with it and make truck load of profit off it hands down! They were bold and courageous enough to take the risk and also excel at it. The Android counter parts which initially would mock it , eventually would launch a cheaper phone with similar feature.  source:cnet,pocket-lint

Pump up the Bass will ya!

            Yeah! Pump up the bass! Sounds pretty partying mood types,right? The timing couldn't be more perfect...New Year's round the corner, Christmas just got over... So, I guess this is one phrase you are pretty much familiar with! Music ..the one thing which no one cannot not love! It is the one of those things which is so versatile that you can listen to no matter the time. I know ..I know...right now some song must be playing in the background...inside your head...Go on ..listen to it! Don't stop yourself.!   Ok, I hope you must be playing the music in the background and still reading this article! See, that's the power of music-Instant rejuvenation. You agree ,right? If you don't well, then ....change the track! I am no musician, but I think I pretty much a need a dose of music almost everyday. By now, you must be wondering ..Ok,dude what's your point? My point is how do you listen to music...Speakers... Headphones ... Earphones ..right? Why don

Buying a New Phone- just answer these questions!

New phone in the store..I think my phone seems ain't that good..! I should probably go and check out that new phone! Oh look another one..this looks awesome..pricey piece...superb camera but out of budget... And that's how probably the hunt for a new smartphone begins.Some of you might be patient enough to actually make a detailed "research" on this and eventually enough time passes and then new phones enter the market and you are back to square one. It would be like you have done Ph.D in this and now someone says new stuff is out there your work is outdated,man!I should have bought that phone the itself is what you must have thought. Don't worry I am going to sort it all for you! So, you are probably wondering I am going to mention loads of technical terms and details and jargon and lot of other unnecessary things.You folks are gonna get  it all simplified and by the end of this small piece, narrowed down your selections to max of 3!Yea

Project Ara-What is with this mysterious project?

Ara, the name does sound pretty diverse and new. The moment you hear it you tend to relate it with something you know like aura ,zara or para. Let me tell you it is not related to anyone of those things that are popping up in your head except if you thought of mobile phones. Yep! It is a project by Google rather a revolutionary one! So, what is this whole thing about?Before I answer that ,you must have thought that the every week new smartphones come up with latest technologies and my phone seems old within a span of six months! Most of the times there are only a few differences between your phone and the new one. Like a better camera or bigger screen, or thinner phone or faster phone or higher battery power.So, I have to buy a whole new phone just so that its camera is better than mine or it is faster than mine? That's not fair! Okay, now hold on to that thought and I shall tell you why that question is a million dollar question because that's how much Google is gonna mak