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The Bitter Truth of Benchmark Scores !

  It's the golden age of smartphones and the consumers are becoming "smart" when purchasing one. One of the parameters that the younger generation looks out for is the benchmark scores of a smartphone. This article isn't just another one which just compares the scores of different smartphones. I mean common, people can read numbers, can't they ? Benchmarks are used to compare the performance of a phone with respect to its competitors. Higher numbers mean better performance. But, have you wondered how are these benchmark scores calculated ? What all stuff do they run during this benchmark process ? Does it really give useful information about the phone as such ? today, we will try to answer these questions in the simplest way possible.  Benchmark scores are numbers that represent the performance of a smartphone based on various metrics. The metrics that are considered generally by most tech reviewers and consumers is the Single Core CPU and Multi Core CPU performa

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Release Date Confirmed by Samsung | Leaked Images | Tech Freak

In a short video teaser, Samsung has officially confirmed the launch of its most coveted Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on August 5th : The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is said to come up with sleek design and refreshingly new color of Bronze as teased in the video  . Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is said to pack the flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with quad camera setup as seen on the S20. But, the difference would however be in the sensors used. It's said to pack 64MP primary camera along with unconfirmed 12MP ultra wide and 12MP telephoto sensors. Also, if you notice the camera bump is slightly lesser as compared to S20 which would imply that the 100X zoom would not be likely included as feature. The aperture however looks to have improved manifold and the camera setup also has a 3D Time of Flight Sensor (ToF) These are the leaked images by popular tipster iceuniverse from twitter The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is also said to have 120 Hz refresh rate display wit