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Best Deals on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020!

  Amazon Great Indian Festival extravaganza is back online on 17th October,2020. As always Prime Members get early access to it which is 16th October, 2020. There are loads of deals on Electronics items and as it's the start of Dusshera , the Indian crowd would be waiting for the deals to go online and do some festive shopping on the auspicious occasion. Not to forget, the soon Diwali sale would also be incoming in not more than few weeks after Dusshera this year. So, October and November really are going to BIG Billion Sales for e commerce sites! Let's see the best deals you can get on Amazon :  Samsung Galaxy S10 :  The 2019 flagship Galaxy S10 powered by the Exynos 980 chipset is going on sale for astounding price of Rs. 39,999. The original MRP of this amazing phone was Rs.71,000. The flagship phone is still one of the top performing phones in 2020, and ranks much higher than most mid premium phones by powered by Snapdragon 700 series chipsets. The S10 also boasts of amazi

Why is it not Easy to Move Electronic Manufacturing from China?

credits: Republic India News Channel There has been a growing sentiment of going against China due to the ongoing pandemic situation all over the world. It's moving from being just a sentiment to actually inflicting economic attacks on the largest populated country in the world. Major companies like Samsung , Apple , KIA Motors , etc are trying to shift their supply chains from China to countries like India, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam . It's just not easy to shift massive legacy stable supply chain in a jiffy ! Here are some of the top 3 Reasons :  1. Cost and Setup : China provides a large area of its land for manufacturing and along with that provides cheap labor. Whichever industry you pick up the bare metal parts are manufactured in China and the costs involved in manufacturing have already offset the R&D costs which is the primary target for any company,  credits-Global Times 2. Well Established Supply Chain : Due to its decades of experience