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Beware of this SCAM loaded with 5 star Reviews

 Off late, there have been many groups across the globe who are targeting new tech by claiming them to be harmful to humans/animals/environment. One can argue the glaring hypocrisy in those allegations, but let's just give them benefit of doubt and check basic things an 8th grader would know too! One of the most popular claims are those of "ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIO FREQUENCY SKIN PIERCING ULTRAHIGH BANDWIDTH SUPER NOVA" radiations emitted by electronic items ,especially the mobile phones. (Hope you get the sarcasm intended, if not well read ahead) There's a bit of science involved for sure in the radiations emitted and they are in the range 1000 times lesser than the microwave region.  The Technical Stuff The typical microwave region is in the order of 1000 GHz , but the radio waves being used in smartphone or wifi or in general electronics is less than 100 GHz. Even 5G frequency lies max at 60 GHz (mmWave) and most of the remaining 5G and earlier generations lie less th

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (S20 Lite) - Is This The Phone We Are All Awaiting For ?

  Samsung is on a roll for the past 2 years with respect to the number of products released in the smartphone category. It has captured all price segments and people just have more options to look for. This strategy has been applied for the last couple of years before which it had observed a major slump in their sales. The heads of departments had to brainstorm and finally they went to what they do the best - Quantity and Quality. We are seeing good result of this approach. And Samsung might soon come up with a successor to the very much appreciated Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite . (Which is still one of the best buys in 2020!) One of the primary reasons why it was appreciated so much is because of the affordability and price worthiness! Samsung cut down the right amount of features and put a price tag that could appeal to most!  May be it's a clever strategy - to introduce their flagship phone close to $1000 USD bracket and the " Lite " version of it at just few hundred bucks

What is 6G and What can we expect to see in the future ?

OnePlust 8T/OnePlus 8T Pro What to Expect and Launch Date ?

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Release Date Confirmed by Samsung | Leaked Images | Tech Freak

In a short video teaser, Samsung has officially confirmed the launch of its most coveted Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on August 5th : The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is said to come up with sleek design and refreshingly new color of Bronze as teased in the video  . Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is said to pack the flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with quad camera setup as seen on the S20. But, the difference would however be in the sensors used. It's said to pack 64MP primary camera along with unconfirmed 12MP ultra wide and 12MP telephoto sensors. Also, if you notice the camera bump is slightly lesser as compared to S20 which would imply that the 100X zoom would not be likely included as feature. The aperture however looks to have improved manifold and the camera setup also has a 3D Time of Flight Sensor (ToF) These are the leaked images by popular tipster iceuniverse from twitter The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is also said to have 120 Hz refresh rate display wit