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What is 6G and What can we expect to see in the future ?

Samsung: Expect 6G in 2028, enabling mobile holograms and digital ...

has been something everyone is aware of , thanks to the heavy publicity done most tech companies. After a point, it just feels the level of publicity crosses the line over to over hyping the stuff. Thousands of articles written and shared left and right just to say the same stuff over and over again. "It's going to be revolutionary!" ".. Super fast Gbps speeds .. " .. "..low latency.." "" ..and what not! If you feel it's all mumbo jumbo and just corporate marketing... you may be right to certain extent. Yes, theoretically it can be used in all the applications that they proclaim it can be used, but finally it boils down to implementation. How many industrialists actually adopt it, how much does the government really want to support it , how do the consumers really feel about investing in it? Every "G" theoretically is expected to do a lot of stuff and every time we feel it can be done and it is going to change the future. But, it has always led to disappointments! Let's hope 5G is different and so far the response has been quite different as compared to previous generations ..different in a positive way. 

Every generation of this telecommunication protocol has taken about 10 years from the time it was first published to the actual realization of the tech. 2020, we finally saw 5G being delivered to the mass users and now 6G has been published as something to discuss for future. What is 6G? How different will it be from 5G? Is it just another speed bump for networks ? What are some extreme applications that will benefit from it ? When will it arrive in the hands of the users ? And many more... will be covered in this article! 

Recently, Samsung has published a white paper showcasing the types of applications that 6G would be targeting and their R&D plans for it. There are few other publications that have listed similar stuff in more detailed manner. Dr. Juho Lee from Samsung's  Technology Standardization team has recently shared in an article that with 6G people would be able to communicate through "holograms", ultra light weight devices would be used instead of cumbersome laptops and the "physical" world would as such be copied to "digital" to help keep the world "safe". Now, these may seem very futuristic and revolutionary or "Matrix" type , but these words are generalized and not specific. Though Samsung claims it's white paper to the first one, there were few other white papers published by academics that tackle this discussion in a more technical manner. The article was from Oulu University, Finland and they have pretty much shared an overall view of what can be expected from 6G. 

Firstly .. the Speeds ? 

5G vs 4G - Compare Speed, Latency, Coverage & Performance

I know most us would want to know the speed up this new "G" would offer. Well, don't keep your hopes high! .. Just kidding. It's going to be of the order of 1000 Gbps. From the below image, you can see the "peak data rate" to be around 1000 Gbps and User Experienced Data Rate could be a crazy 1 Gbps. What's more to that ? The energy efficiency is going to be 2X more than 5G, the latency is going to be 1/10th that of 5G, the number of devices that can be serviced per square kilometer would be 10 times more and the data error rates are going to be 1/10th of 5G. If these numbers don't impress you, you gotta go get yourself checked! :P 
Now that we have addressed the speed concerns ..let's jump into other aspects, shall we ?

The Goals of 6G ..What is the main aim of 6G?

These are some of the goals listed in the white paper by Oulu University. I know some of the humanitarian goals are just too good to be true sounding , but hey if we aim at the moon we would land among the stars right ? (pretty sure, that was not the motto for Neil Armstrong!)  Yes these goals may seem difficult at this time to achieve, but try imagining them 10 to 15 years from now. Technical goals seem much more achievable probably because they are the driving force behind this tech. Another important quadrant (fourth) that is really important from global perspective, is the one that covers the Health, Manufacturing, Finance, Transport, Education, Agriculture, Energy and FinTech ,all of which have been severly challenged during the pandemic in 2020! I'm sure people would definitely want to avoid these industry collapses in the future and what the 6G aims seems to be in alignment with global sentiments. That's big thumbs up from my side ! It's one of the things that I would personally want to see 6G being used for. 

Applications !

In the previous image, you could see some of the applications mentioned. But, I feel the one that is going to be focused a lot on is the, Holo Telepresence. The AR,VR and XR tech has really started to penetrate into consumer devices and big tech companies are investing heavily into them. The next iteration to this would be the Hologram revolution , you know enough of 2D ..let's get 3D ! Smartphones would slowly start to phase out as more of the light weight "wearables" start to take over. The real and the virtual environments are going to be blended in so much so that realtime 3D telepresence in any part of the world would look as real as in person presence.