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This Guy Built an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) from Scrap Bike parts for The Specially Abled

We have all seen people getting creative with scrap parts and rigging them together to produce something productive. It's always interesting to see the creativity take shape over time and be helpful to the needy. Normally known for tearing things apart, Jerry from the very popular youtube channel - JerryRigEverything , recently uploaded a video on his channel showcasing something out of the usual videos he posts regularly. He and his wife have built together a Four Wheeler All Terrain Vehicle for the physically disabled so that they can go to places which are usually difficult to scale in a wheelchair. 

Jerry was very specific to the name of this easily accessible vehicle he had constructed over the past one year as "Not a Wheelchair" and it definitely lives up to the name. He mentions that he has basically conjoined two bikes into one with wheels that can sustain all kinds of challenges thrown at them. Though he mentions that they named this invention as "the Rig" for not able to come up with plausible names, it sure does fit in perfectly. Have a look at this crazy ATV in action : 

If you have seen the video, you would observe that the vehicle can maneuver easily all the way from hilly terrains to snow clad mountains to beach side.  Jerry also mentions the caveats for people who aren't physically disabled and yet want to own one. The ADA (American Disabilities Act) basically allows people with valid disabilities to go to all places in Power Driven vehicles , but the same is not applicable to people without disabilities. That shouldn't stop one from wanting to try out this one heck of a ride. The vehicle also supports modules that can be attached on the rear end of the vehicle which are strong enough to even carry a cooler for a nice little picnic. It's inventions such as these that gives hope for people with constraints on motion to explore the places they have always wanted to without thinking about accessibility. 

The Rig is also designed in such a way that it can fit in any truck or back of a van making it easily portable. One of the key features of the Rig is that it's completely Electrical and that means it doesn't make any sound at all. It's beneficial especially when you are out on a nature trail and you just want to enjoy the peaceful hill climb and not the loud engine blurting consistent high decible sound. The Rig has hydraulic breaks and can also be put in to the "reverse" mode which may be a really good feature to have handy. Jerry also mentions the limitations of the vehicle as he does in most of his videos, that the wheels may not be ideal for really soft surfaces like the soft sand close to the beach or soft snow at the end of winter. Similar models of ATV's are sold for big bucks of the order 20K USD but Jerry assures of a comparatively less expensive option of his which retails for $4,750 only. You can visit the site - wherein you can also customize your bike. 

Spread this information among your network and hopefully even one or two people find it useful, it would be big help. Stay tuned for more such articles! Stay Safe!
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