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Why is no One Talking about the Super Fast LPDDR5 RAM ?

Micron announces its LPDDR5 RAM for mobile devices | KitGuru
In the world obsessed over the Camera, Performance, Battery life , blah blah of a smartphone, most of the "elite" tech reviewers have terribly missed out on the massive revolutionary feature that has been introduced this year in 2020. It's a widely accepted fact that the RAM decides heavily the performance of the CPU no matter how many "Gigahertz" it's able to clock. Yes, I am talking about the new Low Power Dual Data Rate RAM - LPDDR5 ( I bet most of you didn't know the abbreviation :P ) 

To understand why I am stressing so much on the "RAM" part , let's see through an analogy. Imagine the CPU to be really fast 100 lanes highway and the RAM to be a 10 lanes bridge at the end of the highway. Now, you can zoom past the highway with 300 MPH and reach the bridge as fast as you can but you would be slowed down by the 10 lanes bridge. Now, add a dozen more of this CPU's all converging to this one bridge. That's like 1200 bus lanes converging to one bridge with 10 lanes - it's a disaster! There are ways the OS optimizes the way each of the dozen CPU's reach the bridge , but it can only do so much. If we were somehow able to upgrade it to 20 lanes bridge magically, our problems would be lot less worse. That's precisely what LPDDR5 RAM does to your smartphone. Most of the smartphones are packed with LPDDR4X RAM which in our analogy correspond to the 10 lanes bridge and LPDDR5 is the upgrade with 20 lanes. 
Here's a video that explains the difference in performance between OnePlus 8 (LPDDR4) and OnePlus 8 Pro (LPDDR5)
credits : unbox therapy youtube channel

This can be clearly seen in the performance scores in some of the smartphones that were luckily loaded with this amazing RAM.  Here's the score for the OnePlus 8 Pro with 12 GB RAM. The first phone to adapt this memory was Xiaomi Mi 10 which soon became the industry standard
OnePlus 8 Pro Geekbench

The Realme X50 5G Pro hit new heights with its whopping 600,000 plus score
More and more smartphone manufacturers are shifting towards this type of memory seeing the amazing jump in performance they are seeing. To give this a perspective the respective speeds achieved by different types of RAM - LPDDR3 - 1866Mbps, LPDDR4-3600Mbps,LPDDR5-6400Mbps. And the bandwidth would multiply by the number of data bits available on the chip i.e for LPDDR5 a bandwidth of upto 50GBps can be achieved!!
What is LPDDR5 RAM? List of LPDDR5 phones that you can buy now ...
Infact most people attribute the increase in smartphone costs to the "5G" module that is bundled with the CPU , which is party right but they also miss out on the newly loaded LPDDR5 RAM which adds to the R&D and manufacturing costs! Apple still hasn't been able to move to this type of memory and once it does I'm sure its performance numbers would just thrash all the competitors by a huge margin. Next time you guys are out buying a smartphone ( which won't be far from now) look out for this future proof feature ! Let us know if you think LPDDR5 should be the new norm in smartphones in the comment section below!

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