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Why does Android Copy Apple ?

There's a war out there .. a fierce one ..and there's no definitive way to decide the winner ..both are tough competitors .. it's getting scarier by the day ...I think I will end with that build up as I am pretty sure you got the drift - the Android vs iOS War! When the first iPhone had released with this futuristic design and software, I was an instant fan. Granted that I was just a naive teenager at that time , over the years I have gathered enough to make the right decision which is - Neither of them is perfect...Just kidding Android all the way! But there's one thing I have always observed is be it any kind of ridiculous feature and however it may be criticized Apple used to come up with it and make truck load of profit off it hands down! They were bold and courageous enough to take the risk and also excel at it. The Android counter parts which initially would mock it , eventually would launch a cheaper phone with similar feature. 

It got me wondering what could be the possible reason as to why other manufacturers are not brave enough to take that leap. After doing some research I was able to get some pointers to that question. Firstly, one has to acknowledge the fact that Apple is huge company with lots of resources and popularity. It's one of the reasons why iPhones undergo tons of research and internal quality testing which not only ensures the feature clicks with audience but also makes it the Norm for other upcoming smartphones. Like the first time Apple introduced the wide "Notch" on the iPhone X and got rid of the legacy touch ID sensor , it was heavily ridiculed and became instant meme material across the internet. They sort of forced the face unlock feature on to their customers and made them get adjusted to it. Not even six months later, Android phone manufacturers start pushing out phones with option of "Face Unlock".  This is just one of the revolutionary features that was introduced. People would always get sold with Apple's "Premium" Quality statement and since it's not affordable by many , it's like something people yearn from yet are forbidden for it. Apple competitors  ( Samsung,Oppo,Vivo,OnePlus,Xiaomi )have to eventually bow down to the consumer's demands and push it on to their phones. The scale with which Apple prepares itself each year for its release, no other manufacturer has been able to match it yet. Apple earns its profits from the sheer amount of margins from iPhone sales which sadly others can't manage because of their USP of affordable budget phones. 

Every time Apple tries out a new feature, the vendors that manufacture it are given orders in the range of millions together. After reaching a certain number in terms of parts manufactured the vendor can offset the R&D costs to profits and eventually cause reduction in the prices. It's clear case of Supply and Demand compromise. Android phone manufacturers have to wait for this to happen so that they can provide the feature under the Price tag they want to sell and what happens meanwhile , a new iPhone has been spotted in the Wild! This cycle has kept on going and it was not only limited to iPhone but expanded to almost all Apple Products. This is the exact reason why Apple can manage with high price tags and still win the gamble with flying colors and this is also the reason why Android phones would end up copying the iPhone eventually whether they like it or not.
P.S. Customer is God

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