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5MP..8MP..13MP What exactly does this MP signify?

I am guessing most of the readers of this blog by now are Instagram users and are selfie-obsessed ,regularly uploading pics and tagging their friends. So, one can say we are all fascinated by camera,true? Every party you go or a trek with your friends or may be just an outing you would want your camera to be your bud in making those memories memorable! 

OK, now I know most of us have always had this question as to how do we decide which camera is good and which one is suitable for me? Generally we would just set the camera in our mobile phone on the auto mode and great pics take shape and you would be just left wondering how on earth did I click such a great picture?? ..Man, I could be a pro at this! Well, not trying to bust you out of your wonder bubble, but what if I said you could click better photos with just a tweaking here and there on your camera app? Suddenly you are very much interested into this camera "Settings" thing,right? Yes you can always click a good photo by knowing some of the features of your camera. Let me tell you if you own a smartphone which is less than six months old from now, your camera can actually click photos which would be close to a pro!(of course, with some modifications here and there.)

I think that was enough to get you all very excited to know about your camera. The best part is you don't have to think about things camera has less resolution or my camera doesn't have this feature. This is a very general discussion that will guide you to use those hidden features within your camera. Firstly,one question that I think most of us have is what is this MP written on your camera lens do?How does it help me take good pics? So, MP stands for MegaPixels(just an abbreviation.don't have to remember it as such!) What this signifies is the level of clarity in your photograph.Imagine you have a table and there is one big cube on it and you are looking only from the top of this cube. One cube.. top face..One far so good. So, you can clearly see that there is no design of any sort's just one cube on the table.Cool! Next imagine that this cube is cut into 9 equal parts. You can clearly see each cube separate from each other. Now, divide the cube into 25 small cubes that is each row has 5 cubes on the top. Are you still able to see each one distinctly? Yes ? Good! Next make it to 100 cubes ....then 1000...Still able to see each one clearly? With some difficulty still yes you can see them! Make the count higher ...let's say 1 million? Give up? It is possible to see them by putting some strain on  your eyes ..but.. What about 5 Million ..8Million...13 Million.. You see what I am getting to ? That's right that's what is this whole MP all about. At 8MP or 13MP you would be able to make out those squares and would seem to you as if it is the original cube which was lying on the table.

So,now if I ask you which number of MP would you prefer if you were to see the square clearly without making out those tiny squares distinctly? You would obviously go for the higher one because that seems logical! What if I told you to imagine a larger cube like really large and then try to imagine 13 million cuts on it ? Now you can some what see those tiny squares right? Important thing here is size of the cube matters now! Okay, enough with all this imagination is it related to our cameras? Those millions of squares are what that form the images on your phone(tiny squares) and the large cube signifies your screen size.Phew, big confusion sort out ,I suppose! Next time you go to a store, look for a decent screen size anywhere between 4-5 inches and a camera with resolution of  8MP or more and you have got yourself a great pro level camera! Worthy hack ,isn't it ?  There are loads of features that vary from mobile to mobile, but ,hey! don't worry I am going to tell you how make best use of the camera! 

Now, stating one short technical term "ISO"-no it's not the one used for setting standards! This guy is like the best bud to your camera!(If used effectively) What this guy does is something what our eyes do generally. Have you noticed your eyes go small when you look directly at something very bright like the Sun ? and they go wide when you are in some dark place like night in a forest ? Well if you haven't noticed it yet ,do try it once! Now, I am trying to make a connection between the eye and ISO. So,setting the  ISO tells the camera if it is bright light situation or dull light situation. That would mean set the ISO level high if you are in the dull light situation and low in bright situations..Why? Make connection with your eye! In dull light your eyes tend to open up wide ..So...ISO also simple as that! So bright light situation ...lower your ISO power! Dull light ..raise the ISO power! There you go, another mystery solved! Use this ISO guy in various ways because this guy can add serious amount of coolness to your photos! (Important: at low light situation higher ISO could cause some of your photos to be dirty depending upon your camera.So, be careful at high ISO!)

Well, there are loads of cool hacks out there waiting for us to explore them,but, in this post I hope I could tell you about 2 main things of the camera! So, go out there with this new gained knowledge and start clicking photos! Click and Post ..that's what cameras are built for! I shall add more hacks to further and you shall be able to use your camera to its max! Until then keep exploring your cam ..It is one amazing thing!


  1. Very relevant and very important for people to understand this!


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