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Why are All Tech Giants working on Hologram or 3D?

 In a world, where we have somehow sped through adopting video conferencing as the default way of communication, it is only logical to think about what happens next! In the last one year alone we have seen the rise of Zoom video calling to Microsoft Teams to Google Hangouts etc pickup the pace and cater to the exploding consumer demand. Up until 2020, all this stuff was planned for some where around 2022 when the mass public was equipped to make best use of these services. Believe it or not, in times of crises the general public is super fast in adopting to new technologies. It's sort of mass adrenaline pump through in a very short period of time. In this post today, we will explore what are the new age tech that will be a thing of normal 5 years or 10 years from now.  What has triggered this 3D Revolution ? In the recent Google I/O there was a brief video that was played that showcased a project they were working on and it went something like this :  You see what they are aiming
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Beware of this SCAM loaded with 5 star Reviews

 Off late, there have been many groups across the globe who are targeting new tech by claiming them to be harmful to humans/animals/environment. One can argue the glaring hypocrisy in those allegations, but let's just give them benefit of doubt and check basic things an 8th grader would know too! One of the most popular claims are those of "ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIO FREQUENCY SKIN PIERCING ULTRAHIGH BANDWIDTH SUPER NOVA" radiations emitted by electronic items ,especially the mobile phones. (Hope you get the sarcasm intended, if not well read ahead) There's a bit of science involved for sure in the radiations emitted and they are in the range 1000 times lesser than the microwave region.  The Technical Stuff The typical microwave region is in the order of 1000 GHz , but the radio waves being used in smartphone or wifi or in general electronics is less than 100 GHz. Even 5G frequency lies max at 60 GHz (mmWave) and most of the remaining 5G and earlier generations lie less th

Apple is Entering the Car Market by 2024!

  Yes you read it right! Apple is entering the automotive market with its self driving technology and innovative battery solutions. Well, it was about time that they branched out to other sectors as the consumer electronics business was getting saturated. Except for 5G and few other minor innovations in display,camera and battery there's really not much of a technological advancement that can be seen in the near future. That's one of the reasons why smartphone chip companies have gradually started to move to automotive industry - the industry that has been seriously lacking innovation for over a decade .  In the last couple of years, we have seen Tesla pick up and revolutionize the automotive industry as if it was the lone company that had the vision to do so. At a time when competitors were lacking motivation, Tesla just disrupted the market with its self driving electric vehicles. And now they are the market leaders and every other car maker is following the suite. This is t

Look Out for Exynos Chispets in 2021! Coming to Chinese Smartphones Near you!

 So far, we have all used at some point or the other a Samsung phone and have always seen either performance issues or heating issues or in some cases blasting ones. And Samsung puts a lot of R&D into manufacturing these chipsets but somehow doesn't show up on the quality marks. In 2020, the differences have come out even more glaringly compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon series.  Many users especially in the Asian countries unfortunately don't have the choice to choose between Exynos and Snapdragon ones and have to settle for the lower performing one for the same price! That may sound ridiculous but that's how Samsung has been playing so far. Not to forget it's a common practice among other smartphone manufacturers too.  Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users complain of heating, battery life and more But, looks like Samsung has finally listened to its customer's woes and has done something to fix it. It's planning to launch the Exynos 2100. Yes, 2100! Not 1000 as

Apple Silicon Based Macs - The Real Problem!

  Apple has completely made up for the complete lack of media coverage in the last 6 months within just last 2 months! October and November has been filled with iPhone 12 and related accessories buzz and people can't get enough of it! Just yesterday in Apple's " One More Thing" Event , we got a glimpse of the Apple Silicon "M1" made for the Mac series of Laptops and Desktop (computers) . Apple has pushed forward huge claims mostly taking an indirect jibe at Intel for its power hungry processors. Apple Silicon M1 is coming to Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Mini ! They claim the performance per Watt to be 2x more than "best selling windows" laptop which makes you wonder which one is it ? In the entire presentation, the performance and efficiency numbers were just thrown on to the slides very vaguely which basically said our processors are better than ... some competitor who we cannot name ! (probably voldemort ?!)  Anyways, the good news is tha

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs OnePlus 8T - Ultimate Spec Face OFF

Best Deals on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020!

  Amazon Great Indian Festival extravaganza is back online on 17th October,2020. As always Prime Members get early access to it which is 16th October, 2020. There are loads of deals on Electronics items and as it's the start of Dusshera , the Indian crowd would be waiting for the deals to go online and do some festive shopping on the auspicious occasion. Not to forget, the soon Diwali sale would also be incoming in not more than few weeks after Dusshera this year. So, October and November really are going to BIG Billion Sales for e commerce sites! Let's see the best deals you can get on Amazon :  Samsung Galaxy S10 :  The 2019 flagship Galaxy S10 powered by the Exynos 980 chipset is going on sale for astounding price of Rs. 39,999. The original MRP of this amazing phone was Rs.71,000. The flagship phone is still one of the top performing phones in 2020, and ranks much higher than most mid premium phones by powered by Snapdragon 700 series chipsets. The S10 also boasts of amazi